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April 27, 2015

Developing ePofolio - public service for electronic ePortfolio, based on the Mahara open source, I have encountered a number of difficulties. One of them was the inability to work IMAP plug-in included in the standard pack of Mahara.

Therefore this module to authenticate via eMail I had to be completely rewritten.


At this point it is possible to authenticate with your email. It also supports Google Apps and corporate e-mail domains.

In case Google Apps for Business you need fill fields:
Hostname or address:
Port: 993
Protocol: IMAP/SSL
Domain name: @YOUR.DOMAIN


Module IMAP 1.1 tested on Mahara ePortfolio 1.10.2

Module IMAP 1.2 tested on Mahara ePortfolio 15.10.0


IMAP 1.2 Release Notes:

* Added the ability to automatically register the user through the login form;

* Added the ability to use corporate systems, such as Google Apps for Business.

Download plug-in can be possible with SourceForge:

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